A Potty Wee Will Go

Well, we never really planned it, but this morning the girl used her potty for the first time.

We have had it in the hall just outside the bathroom door since she started crawling, so she is very comfortable seeing it around. In the past year she has used it for purposes ranging from a basketball basket, to a step-up to reach the phone, to a fun place to sit and watch Mom and Dad as we did our business inside the bathroom.

This morning, I was changing her overnight diaper and noticed it was totally dry. Knowing that she often does not go pee until she has been up and running around for a bit, I asked her if she had to go. She said yes, so I asked her if she wanted to use the potty. She said yes. I set her down on the floor and she toddle’d over to the potty. I wasn’t expecting she would actually use it as she often just pretends to use it, but this time was different. As Mom and I were busy in the bathroom doing our morning routine, we both heard the unmistakeable sound of pee meeting potty. Needless to say, the girl was ecstatic and beside herself with excitement at using the potty. For us, it feels like another milestone reached…this one almost by accident as neither of us have ever discussed potty training the girl, or made any attempt to formally train her.

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