Curious George Coming to Small Screen

And it is about time!

PBS has launched a new five-year initiative called PBS Kids Next Generation Media. One of the components of the new initiative are new kids TV programs including Curious George. And narrated by the great William H. Macy no less.

PBS also wants to expand into online gaming with, they say, an educational component. I’m a big fan of not only PBS, but also the companion websites which I think really compliment their tv shows. Check out their American Master website for the recent Bob Dylan No Direction Home biography. It features an interactive concert map where people who have seen Dylan in concert can share their stories, and an Influences map that charts artists who were influential to Dylan’s career.

Hopefully PBS will be able to carry their fine tradition of kids programming online. After all, this is the home of Sesame Street, which (despite the fact that it is now sponsored by McDonalds) is still a great kids program.

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