Housework? Dad Can Do It!

News Flash!

Men CAN do housework AND take care of kids AND run a household just as well as women.

The findings are based on the results of a recent BBC reality TV show in Britain where all the wives and girlfriends in the village of Harby were sent away on a holiday. While they were frolicking in the sun, their partners were filmed getting to grips with child care, domestic chores and community projects. And surprise surprise – the men didn’t fall on their faces.

The piece is fun, but I do have to take exception with Jemima Lewis when she says

As bachelors, they often live quite contentedly in a sea of discarded underpants, beer cans and mouldy crockery. Nothing terrible happens as a consequence: they still manage to hold down jobs, make friends – even pull off the occasional seduction.

I know it is in fun and jest, but the underlying truth perpetuates the myth that all men are slobs, which is far from the truth. Anecdotally, I have known many women who are slobs and many guys who are fastidiously clean. I’d imagine that, like many things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but yet conventional wisdom holds that men are slobs and incapable of doing more than lying on the couch drinking beer and watching hockey and soccer…oh, wait a sec

In the meantime, good on ya Dads of Harby village, Nottinghamshire for showing a skeptical world once again that Dad can do it.

6 responses to “Housework? Dad Can Do It!

  1. Good post. And about time somebody drew the distinction between fantasy and reality when it comes to male/female laziness!

    Having said that, I used to be more ‘on the ball’ about cleaning our house, but three children later, I’ve virtually given up. Best wait until after the toddler/demolisher stage passes…

  2. Gerard, I with you on that one. I got 4 little brats running through the house terrorizing the place. It is easier in the summer to keep the house in order because I can kick them all outside. But winters are much harder to do so. I used to pick up througout the day, now I just wait until the end of the day and have the kids help me pick up the living room and play room before bed time.

    Good post!!

  3. Why aren’t you guys applying to be on Crash Test Mommy? It sounds like it is just what you need.

  4. Hey Dawn…thanks for popping by. The show looks like fun. I, however, would be a lousy candidate for the show because I’m busy living it every day 🙂

  5. That’s my point, you take the weekend off while someone else fills in for you:)

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