Daventure in the news

With Fathers Day this weekend, there is a whack of material out there about Dads and our roles, including this one in the Vancouver daily 24 Hours. The reason I single this one out is that I’m quoted in it and the blog is mentioned, so really consider this a shameless plug 😉

Home at the range.

Incidentally, the blog has been a bit quiet lately. The reason? Like the rest of the world I have caught cup fever. Am I a bad Dad because my daughter can name the Brazil starting 11?

2 responses to “Daventure in the news

  1. congrats!! And Happy Father’s Day!

  2. shawnâ„¢

    I read that plug in 24 Hours and here I am. I will watching this blog for sure!! Nice to find a place for the ever underappreciated father!