Dogs and Kids

I love pets, but I can’t understand the casual attitude some dog owners take with their pets around my kid. It seems almost inconceivable to some dog owners that their animal has the capacity to bite and seriously hurt a child.

I have no doubt dog owners believe their own bold assurances that they would never harm anyone, let alone a child. After all, they are a beloved member of their families and probably take darn fine care of their own kids. But that is not what I see.

What I see is an 80 pound animal that, at any moment for any number of reasons could seriously harm my 30 pound kid. Especially if a protective dog sees my kid as a threat as they try to give some dog owners kid an innocent hug on the playground.

Yesterday The Girl and I were at a park where a family had a chocolate lab running amok. The Girl is usually one to run around in the park, climb on the monkey bars and partake in all the kid related activities. Not yesterday. Yesterday, all she wanted to do was swing, with one eye firmly planted on the trail of the big chocolate lab. She didn’t want to get out of the swing because the dog was running around.

I want my kid to grow up and love animals, not fear them. Dog owners who insist on letting their dogs run around parks without leashes are not helping me. So, if you are a dog owner who comes to a public park and you let your dog run around without a leash, don’t be surprised if I come up to you and ask you to leash them.

4 responses to “Dogs and Kids

  1. I hate that, and it happened so often. A big dog runs up towards your little kid, you move protectively, because you don’t know the dog, and tell your kid to stay away, and the owner acts all offended. It’s amazing how clueless some of these dog owners can be.

  2. shawnâ„¢

    Hear, hear! As a dog owner and a kid owner 🙂 I think most people just don’t get how big their dogs will seem to a small child.

    My problem is the reverse however. Because my daughter adores and lavishes loving attention all day on my little Boston Terrier who would probably not even move if she attempted to touch is eyeball (actually this has happened and he doesn’t!) she views all dogs with the same kind of trust.

    I am finally driving home to her that if we see a dog in a park and he doesn’t have a leash on that she is to stay away or wait for me to come with her.
    Dogs with no leashes can cause owies to Autumn.

    Would I trust my own dog with other kids in a park? No way. He is little and cute and I constantly have to tell kids to move slowly and let him smell their hand before touching him. The cluelessness is also out there with parents not teaching their kids proper animal safety. Little dogs can be more aggressive than big ones but parents forget to teach that.


  3. “Pet Peeve” of mine. Never mind the little ones being scared of loose dogs in the park… I quiver when I see one. No matter how friendly or NOT the animal is, I keep my distance. I was about 7 I think when (yep I used ti love dogs) I was attacked by my relatives pet dog, fluffy.

  4. What you said is true. I had gone visiting with my 1 year old. There was a huge dog there. The owners assured me that the dog does not harm anybody. but about 10 minutes later he jumped at my child, who got so scard that she had high fever in the night.