Gwanka and Gwoggy

Although I’ve never met them, there are 2 new kids living in our house – Gwanka and Gwoggy.

A couple of days ago I was in the backyard with The Girl. She ran around the corner of the house where the gate is and said, “oh hi! Come on in!” I couldn’t quite see around the corner and I wondered who was there. As I was walking towards the gate, she came back around the corner, looking like she was holding someone’s hand.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“Gwanka,” she said. “She’s from Mexico.”

“Oh. Where did you meet Gwanka?”

“In a parking lot.”

“And how old is she?”


A few days later, we are jumping on the bed when all of a sudden The Girl asks Gwoggy to jump with us.

“Who’s Gwoggy?”

“Gwanka’s sister.”


The Girl has imaginary friends. Fun. I hope I don’t have to feed them, too.

5 responses to “Gwanka and Gwoggy

  1. No, they don’t require food. They do, however, sometimes sit on the table in the middle of everything while you are eating dinner. All I ask is that they don’t knock anything over or feed the dog.

    (Our visitor is named Nomore – sometimes he’s a boy, sometimes he’s a ghost. All I know is that he is very tall which is why I am so worried about gangly legs knocking over glasses of milk.)

  2. We have had a visitor such as yours, except its Great-grandpa whom my son never met. Infact he has been friends with Papa H since he was rather young; he is three now. Papa H sleeps in the chair in his room and snores according to my son. This is funny because Papa H had a recliner he slept in all the time when he was living and freight train at full speed is only a quarter of the description of his snoring. We havent told my son about any of Papa H’s quirks or activities, but it seems my son knows. My son loves spicey food, I attributed it to the fact that I ate spicey food while I was pregnant. I have since been infomred its because Papa H shares his food and Papa H likes spicey food and my son like it now too. I think the funniest (or spookiest) thing recently was I was tucking him in one night and I told him “Tell papa H I love him and nuh night.” As I was leaving the room my son in the clearest spoken voice I have ever heard from him replied, “Papa H says I love you to Pete.” That was the nic name my grandfather gave me when I was my sons age. No one has ever called me that and I had yet to say it to my son. My mom heard him and she asked, “What did he say?” A little spooked I said nothing.

    BTW- I like the fact that you call your daughter The Girl. Since my son was 2 days old when I am talking about or asking about him I always call him The Boy.

  3. Cool tale – and extremely creative choice of names for the two kids 🙂 I particularly like the international flavour with the Mexico connection !

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    All the best

  4. Hello,

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