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Dad can’t cut it according to KIA ad


I know KIA has been taking some heat for their steamy guy – making – out – with – female – police – officer – in – the – back – of – a – KIA television commercials, but it’s their other current television advertisement that perpetuates the myth that Dad’s are inept caregivers that bothers me.

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Tiger and Ani

Tiger and Ani

I usually don’t blog about celebrities. I figure they get enough press without me giving them tons of ink. Especially when it comes to celebrities and kids these days as it seems that kids to celebrities are like the latest Louis Vuitton bag – a fashionable accessory – all the cool kids are having one.

But I have to make an exception for Tiger Woods. not because I am a golf fan, but because it looks like he is choosing his (soon to be) child over his career. Continue reading

Doodoo, Beep and Gwanka: The Influence of Imaginary Friends

The friends as bad influences has already begun with The Girl. Only, these friends happen to be imaginary and we are trying to figure out how best to deal with them.

Beep, despite her name, is the quiet one and Gwanka…well, we’re not too sure about Gwanka, other than she is from Mexico and occasionally shows up to play in the backyard. But that damn DooDoo is really getting on my nerves. If there is a convenient scapegoat in our house, it’s DooDoo. Continue reading

Scared (or should that be scarred) by Santa?

Santa freaks the hell outta the kidsI know it is a bit past the holiday season (and with the credit card bills coming in, the last thing you probably want to be is reminded of Christmas), but I couldn’t resist linking to this photo gallery called Scared of Santa.

Judging from the look of some of those Santa’s, I think the kids have every right to be freaked out. For example, this one clearly does not spend the Santa off season in the Bahamas. Then there’s Man, I Had a Bit Too Much Eggnog Santa, Fugitive Santa, and I Don’t Know What The Hell It Is, But Please Make It Stop Looking At Me Santa.

Thanks to The Tiny Revolution for the lead!

Feeling a bit SAHD

Those of you who have read this blog for the past couple of years know that I have been a part-time stay at home Dad, staying home with The Girl a couple days a week. Well, after close to 2 years, my p/t SAHD days are over. I have started work at my new, full time job. Continue reading

White Noise: A Parents Best Friend at Bedtime

New parents repeat after me: white noise is our friend. White noise is good. Continue reading

Monsters – The Sequel

Over at Daddy Daze, Dave has blogged a nice piece in response to my post from a few days ago called Things We Tell The Girl to Keep the Monsters Away. Continue reading

I Was Fark’ed

The site was down for a few hours this morning. Apparently, my Why Do We Dress Our Daughters Like Skanks story was picked up and posted by, leading to the dreaded Slashdot Effect. If you are not familiar with the Slashdot Effect, it is when a popular website (Fark) links to a less popular website (me), hence crushing my poor hosted server with incoming traffic….5 thousand visitors in a matter of seconds, forcing my hosting company to throw the switch on the site.

Perhaps this is the internet equivalent to my 15 minutes of Warholian fame. If so, then I’m glad it was for this post and not for the one about the consistency of my sons poo. Not that the consistency of my sons poo is unimportant, but in the grand scheme of things probably less so than the sexualization of our kids.

Obviously the sentiment in the post has struck a chord with a few folks, which is good. The more we start paying a bit more attention to how our kids are sexualized at an early age the better.

Things We Tell The Girl to Keep Monsters Away

  • That’s why we painted your bedroom pink. Monsters hate pink.
  • Monsters don’t want to eat us. We taste awful.
  • When we bought the new house, we told the Realtor we wanted to live in a no-monster neighbourhood.
  • Monsters won’t come into your bedroom. Monsters are lazy and don’t like climbing stairs.
  • Monsters can’t come down chimneys because the people who make chimneys know how to make them to keep monsters out, but let Santa in.
  • Mom and Dad’s protect their kids from Monsters. That’s one of our jobs.
  • Bad monsters don’t like coming into houses with love in them. Bad monsters don’t like love.
  • Maybe the monsters are lonely? Maybe they want to be your friend?

In addition, we hung some nazar (blue eye) amulets we got when we traveled in Turkey a few years ago. We told he that those were designed to keep away monsters. So far, no monsters, so everything looks like it is working as it should.

Why Do We Dress Our Daughters Like Skanks?

I was in a local bookstore doing some post holiday exchanges when the cover of the January 1st edition of Maclean’s magazine virtually jumped off the shelf and smacked me across the face.

Macleans cover

The cover features a very young girl around 10, wearing a miniskirt, fishnet stockings and pink tank top with silver lettering on it that says “Made You look”. Uh, yep, you did. The cover article is called “Why do we dress our daughters like skanks?”

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