Feeling a bit SAHD

Those of you who have read this blog for the past couple of years know that I have been a part-time stay at home Dad, staying home with The Girl a couple days a week. Well, after close to 2 years, my p/t SAHD days are over. I have started work at my new, full time job.

I am both excited and sad. The new job is a great fit for me with some fantastic people I’ve worked with before. But losing the one on one time with The Girl tempers the excitement.

I am so happy and grateful that I had the time with her that I did. Sadly, and for so many reasons, many Dads are not so fortunate to be able to spend such a chunk of time with their kids. And The Girl, despite moving onto the bigger world of preschool, will still have her Mom at home for the next year or so while her mat leave allows.

I know I am preaching to the converted here, but Dad’s, if you ever have the slightest opportunity to take a sabbatical from work, adjust your hours, telecommute, whatever it may be to spend time with your kids, do it. I feel my daughter and I have started down the path of forging a deep relationship, thanks in no small part to the time we spent counting leaves, doing kiddie aerobics, riding the bus, playing in the park and general hanging out.

I’m not sure at this point if our schedules are going to align so that I can do the same with The Boy, now 7 weeks old, but I hope I can. Honestly, right now we are so deep in the throes of transition – new baby, new job, that planning for an event a year from now seems overwhelmingly daunting. But, I am extremely fortunate to be working with a very flexible organization, so at the very least I’ll be able to organize some flexdays and be able to spend time at home. And the job started with 4 weeks of holidays, including a week off every year at Christmas.

But it still isn’t the same, and I find that my enthusiasm to climb corporate ladders has diminished quite a bit in the time I have been away. Maybe that has just as much to do with the fact that I am 40 as opposed to the fact that I am a Dad, but the truth is, during the day I miss being at home with my family.

I’ll tell you, though. One thing I sure ain’t gonna miss being called a SAHD. With all due respect to the fine folks who came up with the moniker, that’s one brutal handle to have dangling around your neck.

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