Dad can’t cut it according to KIA ad


I know KIA has been taking some heat for their steamy guy – making – out – with – female – police – officer – in – the – back – of – a – KIA television commercials, but it’s their other current television advertisement that perpetuates the myth that Dad’s are inept caregivers that bothers me.

The ad shows a Mom pulling up to her house. In the front yard she witnesses a scene where Dad is precariously perched on a ladder blowing leaves from the gutters with a leaf blower. In the front yard, and out of his sight, his daughter is painting the family dog while 2 hockey playing boys are using their hockey sticks like medieval swords. Mom takes one look, turns around and drives away.

All harmless fun, until you realize that the underlying message here is that Dad’s are oblivious when it comes to running a household and only Mom’s can maintain any sense of control over the household.

As a Dad, I find it a bit insulting that the marketing folks behind KIA’s latest ad campaign chose to reinforce the untrue stereotype that Dad’s can’t cut it. We are somehow inept to the point of neglect when Mom isn’t around which is, of course, completely false.

Maybe I am losing my sense of humour as I get older, but really, how many more of these “Mr. Mom” ads do we have to stand for? After all, it has been shown time and time again that men CAN do housework AND take care of kids AND run a household.

Perhaps the KIA marketing folks should educate themselves and hang out at Rebel Dad and catch a glimpse of the true face of contemporary Dads.

2 responses to “Dad can’t cut it according to KIA ad

  1. isn’t it funny that the media gets to portray things both ways: that dads are inept at taking care of the family/household AND that moms are incapable of socializing as adults with kids around (ie. the whole alcohol at playdates brouhaha that is rampant right now)? are the media so dominated by one gender that they think these stereotypes are true? i find that hard to believe. surely, if it were that lopsided, one image or the other would be eliminated, or at least hidden. i believe that there is enough of a mixture of genders responsible for making these ads/staging these interviews that we should be able to see a balanced, RESPECTFUL treatment of both moms and dads as responsible parents. sure, there are a few cases out there of oblivious dads and drunken moms, but there are also cases owhere the dad is actually the more involved parent, and many cases where the moms are highly aware of staying alert and sober while watching the kids. why must we all suffer the indignity of these snasty portrayals?

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  2. Yes/no. At least Lynn Johnston (for better or for worse) covers the not-normal side. Anthony’s ex was oblivious to family and ran off to pursue her career.