Tiger and Ani

Tiger and Ani

I usually don’t blog about celebrities. I figure they get enough press without me giving them tons of ink. Especially when it comes to celebrities and kids these days as it seems that kids to celebrities are like the latest Louis Vuitton bag – a fashionable accessory – all the cool kids are having one.

But I have to make an exception for Tiger Woods. not because I am a golf fan, but because it looks like he is choosing his (soon to be) child over his career. Woods said that he would skip July’s British Open if his wife Elin Nordegren delivers the couple’s first child during the tournament.

The British Open is the granddaddy of all golf tournaments. Wood’s is the 2 time defending champion. Woods, I also imagine, is one hyper competitive individual. I don’t think you can achieve the kind of greatness Woods has in any sport settling for anything but the best in yourself. So this decision would be a pretty huge deal. But Woods seems to have it all in perspective.

“If she’s going to have it during the week of the Open, you just don’t go,” said Woods. “That’s the most important thing, not a golf tournament.”

Part of this could be because Tiger had such an incredibly close relationship with his dad, Earl, who passed away in May of cancer. I’m sure that, when Tiger’s child is born, the knowledge that his father isn’t around to share in this incredible event will add to the emotions of an already overwhelming emotional event.

Meanwhile, some more celebrity baby news, although she probably cringes at being refered to as a “celebrity”. One of my favorite post-punk folkie D.I.Y. grlzzzz Ani DiFranco has become a Mama. According to her mySpace site, Ani gave birth to a 7 pound, 8 ounce little girl, Petah Lucia. Righteous babe, indeed!

Hmmm. Wonder how many places you would find Ani DiFranco and Tiger Woods mentioned in the same article?

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