Getting rid of eczema

The Boy has a wicked case of eczema that we’ve been waging war on for the past few months. We don’t seem to be winning, so I am tossing out a request to the wonderful internet world to see what comes back.

Have you had to deal with eczema and, if so, how did you get rid of it?

So far, our strategies have included:

  • Changing laundry detergent. We’ve been using Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent, which works well, but so far has not had the desired effect.
  • .5% hydrocortisone cream. We really wanted to avoid this route, but after trying a few other products, this one seemed to work temporarily. But then the bloody stuff flared up again.
  • Eliminating dairy. Mom took one for the team. No milk in the coffee, cheese, yoghurt…nada. It’s been over a week and still no change.
  • Calendula moisturizing cream. Same as the Hydrocortisone. Some temporary relief, but nothing long lasting.

So, anyone else have any suggestions of things to try? We’re off the the family physician today who I am sure will up the hydrocortisone up to 1%, which I would like to avoid if possible. Something about smearing steroids on The Boy’s skin gives me the heebie-jeebie’s.


Came back from the Dr. and she has prescribed a 1% hydrocortisone cream, as expected. We’re also heading to a pediatrician to do some allergy testing.

Also came across the National Eczema Organization website with some good tips on treating eczema in children. It looks like moisturize, moisturize, moisturize will be our mantra for the next little while. Look at that. 3 months old and already the little guy is getting his first glimpse in the world of the metrosexual male.

3 responses to “Getting rid of eczema

  1. The Boy had/has bad eczema too. We also wanted to avoid hydrocortisone, which we’ve managed to do unless it’s really bad. What our doctor suggested is to avoid soap when we bath him, and to moisturize him after every bath.

    So instead of using soap on his body, we clean him with Cetephil Moisturizer and slather him with Galaxalbase Cream after the bath.

    Works like a charm!

  2. Hi. I have suffered from severe eczema from an infant. I’ve been through every type of treatment known to man. Unfortunately, I have what I call major outbreaks from my face down to the back of my knees. A friend in January 2007, introduced me to a health food called Monavie. I’ve not had a major breakout since. It will be 3 months as of April 24th. I can sleep on my sheets without sleeping in cotton pajamas–a major breakthrough. This superjuice works at the cellular level. What more can I say, but try monavie. It is my goal to introduce this product to people and their children that suffer with Eczema. It took about two months to kick in. It may work faster on children. ID 247559. For children use “Original” for adults, use “Active”. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. I kiss the bottle every time I drink it. It taste great. 🙂 With Eczema, it’s not just the itching, but the uncontrollable burning that is evil.

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