How to scare the crap out of your kids


In the middle of the night sneak into their room and plop this puppy on their nightside table.

My wife found this on a local buy and sell site. I cannot believe that the people who are selling this monstrosity describe it as a “cute bean bag clown with fuzzy hair”. Yeah, cute like a knife wielding psychopathic Stephen King character.

One response to “How to scare the crap out of your kids

  1. Kids shmids, I’M gonna have nightmares about that thing! egad.

    Reminds me of that retro-hair-growing ‘Chrissy’ doll when I was a kid that had big smiling teeth which tormented me into oblivion after seeing Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery” when all the dolls come alive in their eery teeth-gnashing zombie-esque splendor.

    Worse yet, I’d try to hide the thing or turn its face to the wall and my mom would straighten up the room and whammo, the dang doll would be glaring at me from a new angle in a new position each time, like the Mona Lisa. (sometimes parents torment kids without even trying!)

    Sounds like a good excuse to ensure kids do their own tidying, eh?