Cultivating a sense of humor in your kids

BabyCentre has just posted a great article called How to raise a fun and funny child. One of the points of the article that struck me harkens back to that very basic nature/nurture theory. Can humor be taught, or is it inherited? According to the article, it can be taught.

Can humor be taught, or is it an inherited trait like left-handedness and green eyes? While some children seem to be born with a bubbly, good-natured disposition, developmental psychologists say humor can be taught. Think of it as a muscle (one no doubt near the funny bone) that needs to be strengthened and worked regularly.

The article has something for parents whose kids are at any stage of development, and ends with a list of 7 things to do with your kids to crack ’em up. Most of them are pretty self evident (watch funny movies, or read funny books). But the first one is a cracker of a suggestion: Celebrate silly holidays. I’m already preparing for “National Tell a Joke Day” on August 16th, followed by “Talk Like a Pirate Day” on September 19th.

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