More on Baby Einstein: Disney fights back

It’s big business vs. academia as the Walt Disney Co. is puffing up for a fight with the University of Washington over their recent report that watching TV, and specifically watching Baby Einstein, might be bad for infants.

Disney, the parent company of Baby Einstein, is demanding the University of Washington retract it’s press release regarding the study they released on videos for infants. Disney calls the release “misleading, irresponsible and derogatory.”

Nice to see the University is standing behind their research. UW President Mark Emmert said:

“First of all, I made clear that we supported and stood behind our faculty’s research. It was research that was well-conducted and published in one of the most important” pediatrics journals.”

I hope that they are able to maintain their support of the research and the report with the full brunt of Disney lawyers breathing down their necks.

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