Canadian Moms – er, Canadian Parents website

A few months back, Rebel Dad had a great post about Dads being absent from many mainstream parenting magazines. Well, this week a new Canadian parenting site has popped onto my radar screen, Canadian Parents, and I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with the site. Apparently, they have fallen into that familiar parent publication trap and believe that all parents are mothers.

Right off the top, one of their major subsections is tagged “Being a Mom”. Cool, but why no “Being a Dad”?

They have 6 (count ’em ) 6 Mom blogs, but not a single Dad blog. There’s a MomTalk podcast. No DadTalk. There are dozens of forums, many targeted at Moms but not a single Dad forum.

I think you get the idea.

What gives, folks? Why not just call yourself Canadian Mom?

3 responses to “Canadian Moms – er, Canadian Parents website

  1. As a new dad, I’ve gotten a lot of great parenting tips from . It’s a fantastic resource, I highly recommend it.


  2. Thanks for the reminder link, Jeff. I haven’t been to Dadlabs for awhile, ever since they did the hilarious man tries breast pump video a year or so ago.

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