Fernwood daycare protest (and a quick Halloween thanks)

A couple of very local notes in this post. First, a big thank you to all the municipal politicians who decided last year to ban the sale of fireworks at Halloween. For the first time since arriving here 14 years ago, it didn’t feel like I was living in a war zone. The kids slept thru the night and I didn’t have to listen to the neighbours dog bark everytime something exploded within 12 blocks of our house. Thank you.

Second, tomorrow is day 3 of a 4 day protest by the Fernwood Neighborhood Resource Group executive director Roberta Martell. Martell is on a 4 day fast from high atop the centre, protesting the lack of available daycare and daycare staff in the region. The centre (with an apparent waitlist of 400) has been forced to close because they can’t find qualified staff. If you happen to be in the area, pop by and wish her well. She’ll be on the roof until Saturday.

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