A sad day (yes, this post is about beer, glorious beer)

There are 2 little pleasures in life that I enjoy on an almost daily basis; 2 small rituals that, day in and day out, I look forward to with unbridled enthusiasm.

No matter how crazy my days get, I wake up each morning with the happy thought that it is time to slosh back a cup of coffee.

The second is the unbridled joy the final sip of a good microbrew gives me at the end of each day – yes, I am not ashamed to admit it – I have one just about each and every day. It’s good for you. Really.

So today’s news that a looming shortage of hops is forcing some of my favorite beer companies to reinvent their signature lines and, gasp, in some case raise prices is being met with great sadness in our house. Join me as I raise a bottle and mourn the lose.

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