A lunch with Mom

Kids are both in daycare today. Mom snuck home for lunch. I walked down the hill from work to join her. It’s the first time in I don’t know how long since the 2 of us have been alone in the house together with no kids.

No kids. Just her and I. Alone in the house. So naturally, we took advantage of the situation. She did the dishes and some telephone banking while I paid some bills, put away a bit of laundry and filed tax receipts. Before we knew it our time had passed and back to work we went.

You were expecting something else?

Sigh…how times have changed. But it was sure nice to carry on a running conversation with my wife in our kitchen without the constant tug at the pantleg or toodler mayhem raging in the background.

2 responses to “A lunch with Mom

  1. I hear you. I work at home and my wife is a stay at home mum. You’d think that would lead to a lot of shared lunches. Ha! We now try to get one every few weeks if we can, it’s great to have that time together. But it took us all these years until our kids were school age to be able to have them with any regularity.

  2. BTDT…imagine it would be like old times. Just the two of you – all alone. Peace and quiet. Subdued lighting.
    “What should we do?”
    “I dunno, whadda you want to do?”
    “Whatever you want to do”
    “Let’s shampoo the carpet!”
    Not at all how I remembered it.