Home Depot, what are you thinking?

Home Depot

This sign has bugged me for a long time. Last weekend I finally had a camera with me to snap a picture. First, good on Home Depot for having designated family parking, but why make it exclusive to Moms? I guess Home Depot figures that either Dads never bring their kids to Home Depot (after all, we all know that we go to Home Depot to escape the kids….nonononono), or we don’t mind walking through a 700 car parking lot juggling a one year old on one arm, trying to control an oblivious 4 year old practicing her ballet twirls behind that Land Rover with the shiny reverse lights and equally oblivious driver chatting on a cell phone. Seriously Home Depot, would it have been too much to have the sign say Parking for Families?

5 responses to “Home Depot, what are you thinking?

  1. Although I agree with you from a paternal point of view, from the retailer’s perspective, they are targeting the right subset of customers.

    Face it, women control the spend in our families. Are they uncomfortable with a retailer? There go that retailer’s sales. Making mothers ability to shop that much easier will pay dividends much more than broadening it too include us-dads.

    So we’ll need to continue to juggle those three kids in our arms as we trudge through the mile long parking lot. We aren’t the consumer that will guide their sales to target.

  2. Perhaps. But I would bet a whole lot of money on men being the core demo at Home Depot. And is it really worth pissing off part of your customer base with sign semantics? Surely something a bit more inclusive could have been thought of by the Home Depot marketing folks.

    And there is the safety factor to consider. Despite the fact that it says Moms and Mom to Be’s, when I have my kids with me, I park there. Before I had kids I thought that designated parking spots were simply a convenience retailers put in for designated groups. But after doing the parking lot sidestep traffic shuffle with little kids, I now see them in a different light….safety. And I would hope that would trump marketing. But a big corporation would never choose marketing over safety, would they?

  3. Read an article a while back about Lowes vs Home Depot marketing and how Lowes marketed and merchandised their stores more with women in mind(because of the purse strings), Home Depot aimed more toward guys – you could kind of see this as you strolled the store…maybe the Depot is changing their approach?
    All I know for sure is I could’ve used a prime parking spot like that when the boy couldn’t wait another minute and we had to rush into a Home Depot men’s room to change some “soiled” shorts (actually, discard them, clean up and ride home commando style)

  4. Type your comment here.
    So that was YOU who parked there when my 10 month pregnant self, waddling with 11 lb baby inside me from the far ends of the parking lot, dragging my 2 year old beside me, made my way to the store to get his daddy a father’s day gift last year before I gave birth a few days later!

  5. No fair, Shirley, playing the pregnancy trump card!