BabyCenter advertising redux

New BabyCenter ad includes DadsA few weeks back I moaned about an ad I received from BabyCenter, inviting me to join their new BabyCenter communities so I could “connect with Moms like me”.  So today I am on another website and see this targeted ad, again for BabyCenter. This time the text is different. The highlighted part says “A Lively Community of Moms (and Dads)”.

Score one for Dad inclusion.

This may seem like a minor thing to many people, but this kind of stuff does irk me. Leaving Dads out does send a subtle message that Dads are not welcome. Or at least the issues that a Dad may want to talk about are not being discussed here, thank you very much please move along.

I realize that BabyCentre is a company and will target it’s message to whomever they think they will profit from. But still this kind of small recognition does go a long way in making me feel like my input into the greater parenting world is welcome and appreciated, rather than simply tolerated.

My goal would be to see this divison between Moms and Dads be thrown out and the line would simply say “A Lively Community of Parents”. Simple and inclusive to all. But this little victory is a start.

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