Dadventure now on Twitter

I’ve been playing with a dadventure Twitter account for the past few days. If you use Twitter and want to follow me here I am.

If you have no idea what Twitter is, it’s a microblogging service to send out short bursts (140 characters or less) of information to a network. In my other life I use Twitter quite a bit and find it is a really useful tool for quickly sharing information that often doesn’t fit in to a full length blog post.

2 responses to “Dadventure now on Twitter

  1. I've been using twitter for a couple of months now. I'm hooked My wife is home with the little one and the updates are a great way to snap off a quick message.

  2. I'm just worried about keeping my social networks straight in my head and hope I don't send off a Dad update to my Educational Technology followers and send off my Dad network a bunch of tech stuff they could care less about. This social networking is getting a bit out of hand (but in a fun way 🙂