Prepare now for Daylight Saving Time

On March 8th that semi-annual tradition of changing the clocks and royal screwing up our kids sleep patterns returns once again.

I will not be kicked in the ass by the time police this time around. I will not suffer endless struggles and fights with my kids to get them to bed at 8pm when their biological clock says it is only 7.

I will not put up with 2 weeks of hell as sleep deprived maniacs wreck vengeance on our sacred Mommy-Daddy evening time.

No, this year, we are being proactive and we have begun the transition.

We’re lucky. At 5 and 2 they don’t know how to tell time yet. And we are taking full advantage. Each night, bath begins a few minutes earlier than the night before. Sure, on March 7th they will go to bed at 7 o’clock, but on March 8th when we jump ahead one hour and 7 o’clock becomes 8, it should be seamless for our kids circadian clocks.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. Here’s hoping. In parent life, as you know all too well, things rarely work out as you plan. But we’re still going to give it a shot. If it works, wonderful. If not, well then,  there is always November 1st, when the insanity begins anew.

Flickr Image: Robot Clock by Jek in the Box under Creative Commons license.

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7 responses to “Prepare now for Daylight Saving Time

  1. That's a pretty good idea. Even if it doesn't work out you still had a few days where the kids went to bed early…

  2. So far it has been working out pretty well. Times have varied a bit each night, but overall we are inching the bedtime routine earlier and earlier.

  3. I think our little guy has been trying to fight off an impending cold this week, so we've been trying to make sure he gets a few extra minutes of sleep each evening. This is a great idea to tie right in with that. These time changes are always tough on my wife.

  4. The one caveat is that early to bed = early to rise. The kids have been getting up a bit earlier than usua. Not neccesarily a bad thing, though. Our morning routine to get out the door has been a bit smoother and feels less rushed.

  5. Found you via Parent Hacks!
    I've considered doing that, but my daughter goes to bed so early anyhow it won't bedtime that's the issue, it will be wake up time! Good luck to you and I can't wait to read what happens.

  6. Early to rise would be a good thing. Our toddler is tough to get going in the morning!

    This sorta brings to mind something I've noticed a lot of lately – many parents aren't paying attention to the recommended amounts of sleep that pediatricians cite. Several of our friends who have kids between 11-18 months old quite often don't put their children down for bed until close to 11 P.M. – sometimes even later than that! And some of them don't enforce a routine afternoon nap. We can readily tell when our little guy has not gotten enough rest – he's typically cranky and/or belligerent, often actively seeking to do things that he knows will net him scoldings and timeouts.

  7. Wow, 11. That is late. But I think it is part of a bigger societal problem we have with sleep. Sleep is something that no one gets enough of, imho.

    We notice it as well when the kids don't get enough sleep. They need a lot. We shoot for 11 hours for both, with our 2 year old tossing in a 90 minute nap midday. Plus, we have a really well defined bedtime routine that we have enforced since they were babies. Bath, pj's, brush teeth, 3 books, lights off. I think routines are really important for kids.

    But it's not only for the kids. That time from 8pm on is really the only parent time my wife and I have. And we get so much done, from preping lunches to laundry to just hanging out with each other. I would really miss that time if the kids stayed up late.