Dad news that caught my eye this week (via Twitter)

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  1. You've got some great links here that I missed in the Twitter stream…(guess I should make a 'list' eh? 😉 Your readers might wanna know we'll be dealing with "All Things Male" on Tuesdays each week through year's end on Shaping Youth re: media/marketing's impact on boys, since our advisory board folks just came out with Packaging Boyhood, and I'm WAY behind with male POVs…

    So if you have sons, or just want to add a male perspective, we'd love to hear from ya! (in fact you could even 'guest post' for us, Clint!)

    • Thanks Amy, and for the offer to guest post. If I had a bit more time
      I'd love to take you up on the offer of a guest post, but I am having
      trouble mustering much more than a weekly post of Twitter links to my
      own blog these days! Keep up the great work at Shaping Youth. A
      regular read for me.

  2. Interestin links- the swings and roundabout tweet touched me. I think that it is great that now with the power of social media causes such as theirs can get exposure, and hopefully support to secure funding. I also think it is a bit sad that in this day and age there is a need to get funding for a playground for kids. Health fitness, and outdoor activity should, at a basic level, be easily available for all kids (and their parents).

    @Enzo, BoxSmart

  3. Totally get that, Clint. Here whenever you have somethin' stickin in the craw that needs an extra holler from the windows in Howard Beale/Network style…Meanwhile, this week we're doin' some deep diving on media literacy/digizens and debunking myths & legends of internet safety…so join us if ya can. Always love your comments. Ciao for now, Amy