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The Boy and his B.F.F.

At just over 4 months old, The Boy has mastered a killer smile. And he likes to share that smile with 2 of his best friends; Ceiling Fan and Shower Curtain.

Both friendships have different dynamics and we can’t figure out who he likes more.

Ceiling Fan is the type of friend where words don’t have to be exchanged in order to keep the relationship strong. Silence is okay. The Boy can sit in his bouncy chair for long periods of time, look with admiration at Ceiling Fan and just enjoy his company, tossing him the occasional smile as he does his slow, circular whoosh whoosh dance.

Shower Curtain, on the other hand, tends to bring out the chatterbox in The Boy. Theirs is a much more lively and dynamic relationship. After his daily bath, he loves to lie on the bathroom mat and share stories and laughter with his bud Shower Curtain while we go about his nightly routine.

The Boy comes by his friendship with intimate objects naturally. His big sister went through a similar phase at this age with her friends Bookshelf and Bedroom Light (a bright kid who could really turn it on). And I predict that someday soon The Boy will, like his big sister, move beyond his very first best friends. The world outside, with it’s bounty of sexy, new friends like Teeter Totter, Monkey Bars and Swing will test the strength of his friendship with Shower Curtain and Ceiling Fan. But for now, he is happy in his world with his number one peeps, Ceiling Fan and Shower Curtain.

Doodoo, Beep and Gwanka: The Influence of Imaginary Friends

The friends as bad influences has already begun with The Girl. Only, these friends happen to be imaginary and we are trying to figure out how best to deal with them.

Beep, despite her name, is the quiet one and Gwanka…well, we’re not too sure about Gwanka, other than she is from Mexico and occasionally shows up to play in the backyard. But that damn DooDoo is really getting on my nerves. If there is a convenient scapegoat in our house, it’s DooDoo. Continue reading

Things We Tell The Girl to Keep Monsters Away

  • That’s why we painted your bedroom pink. Monsters hate pink.
  • Monsters don’t want to eat us. We taste awful.
  • When we bought the new house, we told the Realtor we wanted to live in a no-monster neighbourhood.
  • Monsters won’t come into your bedroom. Monsters are lazy and don’t like climbing stairs.
  • Monsters can’t come down chimneys because the people who make chimneys know how to make them to keep monsters out, but let Santa in.
  • Mom and Dad’s protect their kids from Monsters. That’s one of our jobs.
  • Bad monsters don’t like coming into houses with love in them. Bad monsters don’t like love.
  • Maybe the monsters are lonely? Maybe they want to be your friend?

In addition, we hung some nazar (blue eye) amulets we got when we traveled in Turkey a few years ago. We told he that those were designed to keep away monsters. So far, no monsters, so everything looks like it is working as it should.

The Tooth Fairy Has Been Banished

If you come to our house, please disregard the letter to the Tooth Fairy posted on the front door.

Last night, The Girl got terrified the Tooth Fairy was going to come to our house. I’m not sure where this latest fear has come from, but she went to sleep last night saying she didn’t want to dream about the Tooth Fairy and woke up this morning almost crying, upset the Tooth Fairy was going to come.

I can’t say I blame her. The whole idea of some mythical creature sneaking into your room in the middle of the night and sticking their hands under your pillow without you waking up is a bit creepy (as I have posted about before).

So, this morning, to help alleviate a 3 year olds fear, we wrote and posted the following letter on our front door. It says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please do not come to our house. There are no teeth here for you. Perhaps you could try the next house?

Thank you

I’m sure the postal worker and newspaper delivery people think we are looney, but it worked and calmed The Girl down.

Gwanka and Gwoggy

Although I’ve never met them, there are 2 new kids living in our house – Gwanka and Gwoggy.

A couple of days ago I was in the backyard with The Girl. She ran around the corner of the house where the gate is and said, “oh hi! Come on in!” I couldn’t quite see around the corner and I wondered who was there. As I was walking towards the gate, she came back around the corner, looking like she was holding someone’s hand.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“Gwanka,” she said. “She’s from Mexico.”

“Oh. Where did you meet Gwanka?”

“In a parking lot.”

“And how old is she?”


A few days later, we are jumping on the bed when all of a sudden The Girl asks Gwoggy to jump with us.

“Who’s Gwoggy?”

“Gwanka’s sister.”


The Girl has imaginary friends. Fun. I hope I don’t have to feed them, too.