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Sigh – the battle continues

Got this piece of email in my inbox from BabyCenter pimping their new BabyCenter Communities and urging me to join. Because, you know, I need to to connect with Moms – like me.

In case you can’t read the line that gaffed me it says “Connect with Moms like you.” Because, you know, Dad’s would never be interested in connecting with other Dad’s to talk about their kids.

Now, this isn’t rocket science. When I signed up for my BabyCenter account, I told them I was male and gave them a whole bunch of other information so they could precision target their advertising directly to ME. Dammit – if you are going to collect my private information, at least use it correctly! Who knows? If maybe if it said connect with other Dad’s in the email, I might actually be tempted to check out the community.

You can click on the image to see a bigger shot of the email.

I’m HIP, according to CBS

Wow. I’ve never been hip before. But because I have a dick AND change diapers, I guess I can consider myself hip now. At least according to CBS. This morning they aired one of the fluffiest, vacuous, pieces about being a Dad that I have witnessed in a long time.

Never mind that they started the freakin piece with a clip from Mr. Mom, but the whole piece was so focused on the importance of having the right diaper bag (not all pink and flowery) that it makes dads look like they are about as deep as a super model.

And what was that sly comment by the reporter? Did she actual infer that Moms these days are tricking men into being involved parents by buying their husbands the right kind of diaper bag? How bloody patronizing is that? Like having a bad diaper bag is a reason for men to avoid being a parent.

Is it just me, or is the entire world of parenting nothing more than about being “cool”, “hip” and having the right products? Why does it seem like kids are the latest fashion accessory? And why am I made to feel so inadequate because I have the wrong make, model and brand of baby stroller? Oh wait. I forgot. It’s the role of advertising to make me feel inadequate because I don’t have the hippest brand owned by all the cool kids.

But mostly, why is it such a damn surprise to people in the media that men can change diapers? Seriously. Can’t we just accept that we are dads and we change diapers. Hell, some of us even cook and wash dishes! Whoa, stop the presses!

And while we are at it, can we please, please banish the word hip from our lexicon.