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Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie counsel overweight kids

Man, someone please tell me this is a really bad joke. From CommonSense Media.

The media is buzzing about the new season of The Simple Life in which scary skinny rich girls Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton take on the role of camp counselor, including counseling kids at a fat camp (or as E! prefers to call it, a weight loss/ fitness camp).

Seriously, this program idea is about as good as the one from last year where the Olsen Twins pitched a show about healthy eating.

You can just hear the inspiring and helpful advice coming from Ritchie, with her history of eating disorders, and Hilton, who once paraded around in a commercial in a swimsuit and a 50 pound hamburger.

“Like, you guys are so, like, fat.”

“Don’t you know people like us make fun of you.”

“Cause you’re fat and no one likes fat people.”

“Maybe you should, like, try sticking a finger down your throat.”

“Or drugs. Because then you wouldn’t be fat.”

“But we would still make fun of you.”

I know I should really have something much more intelligent and constructive to say here to add to the public discourse about this idiotic, and absurdly cruel, concept. But reading this and I have suddenly regressed back to being a fat little 8 year old kid with people poking me in the belly and laughing. I found that experience utterly humiliating and can’t imagine how horrific it might be for a kid to have their belly poked by a couple of uber Queen Bees in front of an international audience.