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I Was Fark’ed

The site was down for a few hours this morning. Apparently, my Why Do We Dress Our Daughters Like Skanks story was picked up and posted by FARK.com, leading to the dreaded Slashdot Effect. If you are not familiar with the Slashdot Effect, it is when a popular website (Fark) links to a less popular website (me), hence crushing my poor hosted server with incoming traffic….5 thousand visitors in a matter of seconds, forcing my hosting company to throw the switch on the site.

Perhaps this is the internet equivalent to my 15 minutes of Warholian fame. If so, then I’m glad it was for this post and not for the one about the consistency of my sons poo. Not that the consistency of my sons poo is unimportant, but in the grand scheme of things probably less so than the sexualization of our kids.

Obviously the sentiment in the post has struck a chord with a few folks, which is good. The more we start paying a bit more attention to how our kids are sexualized at an early age the better.