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Man Twitters His Vasectomy

Kev Leitch is web developer, dad to 3, husband to 1, and an active Twitter user. Some may say a bit too active as last month,  Kev tweeted his vasectomy, live while it was happening.

Now, in some respects you kinda have to go whoa, that’s a line we don’t need to cross. But on the other hand, and from an educational standpoint, here is some firsthand experience from someone who has gone through it. For example, if you didn’t read tweets like:

‘let’s get out of here before anything else goes wrong’ jokes doc as he stitches Mr Righty. Ha ha ha

then you might be unexpectedly caught off guard when your medical team casually crack  a joke mid procedure. Or, as way my experience, begin to talk about how you are his last case before catching a flight to Mexico for his vacation. Dude, you have a laser and my testicles in your right hand – get back in the game! Every time my wife feels slightly nauseous I worry that my surgeon was already mentally lying on the beach in Cancun when he performed the procedure. But I digress…

Kev, here’s hoping that “Mr. Righty” is feeling better. Remember, frozen peas are your friend.

Why is it when you say the word vasectomy to people they make that clicking sound?

You know the sound. It’s the same sound a kid might make when they click a picture on their imaginary camera. When you talk vasectomy, that’s one of the standard reactions I seem to get. Or (if it is another guy), they sometimes purse their lips, furrow their brow and feign a pained look on their face.

I know both reactions. I’ve been guilty of them myself in the past. But now that I’ve had one, I have seen the error of my ways.

From this point on, I vow never to wince in imaginary pain, cross my legs in a mock protection stance, refer to it as “the big snip”, or make that clicking sound that my wife is quite fond of making when another guy talks to me about their vasectomy.

A few hours have passed since the procedure and all feels well. All in all, it was simple, quick and pain free. Even the needle for the local wasn’t that bad. Really, the worst part of the whole experience so far has been trading in in my boxers for tighty whitey’s for a week. And when you consider what some of the alternatives are, this was a much less painful option. (thanks to At Home Dad for the link)