You Know Your Kid is in Daycare When….

…you can count on one hand the number of days they haven’t had a runny nose/cough/sneeze/wheeze in the past month.

Even though Maggie is only in daycare a couple days a week, it seems like she has been nothing but sick since she began. My RN brother-in-law says that’s a good thing as she is building up her immune system.

It may be a good thing, but it is still doesn’t make dealing with a sick kid anymore fun. And it looks like we can expect a few more, as the average kid has around 8 -10 colds before their 2nd birthday.

Fortuantly, there are only around 200 strains of the common cold and so far this year Maggie has managed to catch 196 of them. Four more to go and we are home free!

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