Strengthen Family Bonds

A couple of random notes today about research on how to strengthen family bonds.

Dr. Elsie Taveras, in May’s issue of Obesity Research, says that families who eat dinner together eat more vegetables and fruits and less fried foods, soda and items containing trans fats than those who rarely or never dine together. Research has also found improved school and psychological performance in teens who eat dinner with their families, as well as fewer risky teen behaviors (such as using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana).

Gregory Keer has some good reasons as to why modeling a good marriage for your kids is important. He also offers some helpful tips on what he thinks makes a good relationship for parents, including advice on constructive disagreement. I think this is a key element to modeling a good relationship. Every relationship has disagreements. It’s how you handle those disagrements that is key.

Finally, the icWales website has an article called Good Dad Guide, a collection of advice submitted by Dads from around Wales.

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