Yep, We Were Down

Yes, I’ve been away for a mighty long time – around 2 months. The URL was dead (if you came by and there was nothing here…we’ll you’re probably not reading this cause you’ve probably never come back). Suffice to say, I had a major hardware malfunction on my DIY web server. My DIY DIE’d, and since it also hosted client sites, I needed to get those up and running before I could get back into the Daddy swing of things.

The sad part is, I lost my db with my previous year of posts (backup, backup, backup), so I am starting from scratch again.

Oh yeah, we also sold and bought a new house. So things have been a tad busy. Suffice to say, life is still good, the girl is great and we’re all looking forward to a new residence in 3 weeks – someplace much bigger than the 800 sq ft palace we’re in right now. Something with a dining room where we can play grown up again and have friends over for dinner parties. YAY!

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