Playgroups: Aerobics for Kids

I have a theory that the same people who design playgroups also design aerobic classes because if you are new to either, you can’t follow the routines.

Somehow both aerobics instructors and playgroup leaders seem to believe that just because we show up, we know the drill. Well, I don’t, and neither does the girl. She usually game to follow along with the new songs and routines, but after 2 or three failed zigs when she should have zagged and knocking the poor kid next to us into next week (which always elicits a nasty sideways glance at me from the poor kids Mom) she gets frustrated. Problem being, when the girl gets confused and looks to me for help, all she gets from her Dad is a dofus with all the grace of a moose stuck in a bog.

Here’s a note to leaders of playgroups: for the sake of parents everywhere, do your routines twice. The first time, show us what you are going to do, then we can all follow along and retain some dignity in the eyes of our kids when they look to us for the answers.

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