We Have a Root!

Things my 3 year old says that crack me up. I think this probably speaks more to my level of maturity than anything else.

  • “No, that was just fireworks.” When asked if the toot she had signaled a poo.
  • “No, Dad. I want it straight up!” When witnessing her Dad trying to dilute her juice with water.
  • “Mom, we have a root!” Upon seeing her infant brother turn his head to the side and open his mouth in classic baby rooting.
  • “It’s just a skidmark.” When asked if she just had a poo.

2 responses to “We Have a Root!

  1. Nice one. I hope my little foul-mouthed creative critter-twin 2.5 yr olds can live up to your fine example in a few months! Whiskey Tattoos!

  2. Here’s a bad one. My 3 year old son was talking to his Mom about food and what she likes to eat and he asked her is she liked to eat beavers. I had to work very hard to keep a straight face at that one.