Making Meatloaf Fun

We’re lucky. The Girl is usually a “good eater”. She’ll always try new things and usually will sit with us for meals. But, like most Toddlers, she does go through fussy phases.

Fortunately, The Girl has a very cuisine creative Mom who knows that when it comes to food for toddlers, fun = fed. And the fun comes in the presentation.

Last week we got to experience one of Mom’s new creations: Meatloaf Cupcakes.

Right away, the word “cupcakes” peaked The Girl’s interest. Mom cooked the meatloaf in cupcake containers, set them down on the table and gave us some potato “icing”. After The Girl iced up her cupcake, she got some peas, corn and green beans to decorate it. It was a smashing success. She gobbled up her cupcake, and then asked to decorate another.

Cook and serve the cupcakes in a few of these Silly Feet Silicone Baking Cups and you’ve got yourself a laughing toddler.

By the way, if you purchase something from Amazon via, I get a little love back from them. So, if you do, thanks! I use the little bit of cash to pay for things like web hosting for the site…and the occasional beer.

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