Search for the Next Pussycat Doll

pcdnfg.jpgFirst off, if I was a young woman, the last person I would want to take any kind of fashion or beauty advice from is a woman who looks like the the offspring of a ménage à trois between a WWE Diva, Michael Jackson and a Siamese cat.

I was away at a conference a couple of weeks ago, found myself in a hotel room flicking the channels killing some time and saw the first episode of Search for the Next Pussycat Doll.

What absolute crap. The entire program, and the entire Pussycat Doll empire, makes such a mockery of empowerment that it goes beyond offensive.

Robin Antin (the svengali pulling the strings) somehow tries to make the entire concept of girls stripping for our entertainment respectable by couching it all with phrases that make it seem like this is all such a good, healthy thing for these girls. That somehow shaking their ass at the camera is empowering and will fill these girls with confidence.

As I wrote in the comment section of Amy’s post on her Shaping Youth blog, this program is a marketing vehicle, designed to sell more Pussycat Doll merchandise. That is the bottom line. There is absolutely no redeeming social quality to it. The makers can co-opt as much feminist terminology as they wish, but in the the end, it’s all about the money and sex sells. And the hell with how many daughters we have to hurt in the process.

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