Board Games

This post over at Strollerbaby is extremely timely for us as we have just started introducing The Girl to the wonderful world of board games.

When I was growing up, my family was a game family. We would sit around and play Clue, Sorry, Mil Bornes and, if it was a special occasion, Rummoli (which, for better or for worse, hooked me on poker at the age of 8). Some of my best memories are of playing board games with my family.

There are some great suggestions over at Strollerbaby. To add to those, here are a couple of games we’ve recently picked up for The Girl that have gone over really well.

Don’t Break the Ice is a classic game where you try to tap out blocks of ice one by one without shattering the whole ice surface, which causes the skating bear to fall thru the ice. Easy to play for a 3 year old and a great hand eye coordination exercise trying to tap out the bricks with just the right force.

Another classic Hasbro game that has also gone over well is Don’t Spill the Beans. The trick is to drop beans onto the pot’s lid, one by one, without spilling them. The more beans there are, the harder it is. When the pot gets unbalanced, over spill the beans and everyone laughs and has a good time. This one does have a lot of small parts that could be a bit of a problem if you have a really young child around.

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