More tech fun for toddlers

While reading an article on when kids are ready for computers at, I came across with some ultra-simple games (activities really) for The Girl.

We’ve played games online before. The CBC Kids site has some good games and activities (check out the art machine. It’s pretty fun to play with, even for us big kids). But overall most game sites for toddlers still require some pretty dexterous mouse moving and The Girl tends to get easily frustrated.

The nice thing about the Kneebouncers site is that all the games are keyboard based – really, they are any key based. Hit any key and something happens. Some of the activities are like a virtual jack-in-the-box, which made The Girl howl. She also liked the music machine. Choose a tune and an instrument and bang away at the keyboard.

The Underwater Adventure game at Kneebouncers was a tad weak, but other than that, The girl and I had a good 15 minutes of fun playing together at the computer. And this time, she was in control of the mouse and keyboard and didn’t get frustrated by the experience.

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