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Let Milo open the door

This clip reminds me of a story about my (then 4 year old) niece who misheard the lyrics to that classic rock war horse “Takin’ Care of Business” by BTO and belted out “thank you for the biscuits!”

Here is the story behind the clip, but in a nutshell their cat is named Milo.

Money magazine looking for single dads

Got this in my inbox a couple days ago. Thought I would throw it out here in case one of you might be interested.


I am a Senior Writer for MONEY magazine, and I am looking for a single father (or one with primary custody) to profile. If you have any ideas, feel free to call me or shoot me an e-mail. I’d be most grateful.

Josh Hyatt

You can contact Josh at or phone 617-954-9408.

One Laptop Per Child will be available in North America

1 laptop per childI’ve been following Nicolas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child initiative since it was announced in 2005 and it is great to see things coming to fruition. Negreponte, if you are unfamiliar with his work, was one of the founding directors of the MIT Media Lab, one of the foremost computer research facilities on the planet.

The gist of One Laptop Per Child is to provide every child in the developing world with a laptop computer. Last year, the design was unveiled, and it is a marvel. Rugged, low-powered (using less than 10% of the power of a regular laptop), they use flash memory instead of a hard drive and use Linux as their operating system. Plus you can get a bunch of machines together and set up an instant network just by powering them up.

The idea was that once this thing was designed, orders from developing countries would come in and cheap laptops would flood into the developing world helping to bridge the technology gap between the developed and developing worlds. Initial enthusiasm from countries like Brazil and Nigeria helped fuel the project, along with $40 million in donations.

The laptop is now ready for the world. And to kickstart the project, the computers will be available to us in North America in a very unique way – a promotion called Get 1 Give 1 where Americans and Canadians can buy two laptops for $399. One gets donated to a child in a developing nation, and the other one is shipped to you for Christmas. The donated computer is a tax-deductible charitable contribution. The program will run for two weeks, with orders accepted from Nov. 12 to Nov. 26. Their website has some more info.

I’m thinking that The Girl is getting into playing on the computer, and this thing is supposedly indestructible. $200 for a laptop that she can use for the next few years plus a donation to a cause I believe in might make this her Christmas present this year.

Another milestone reached

We passed another one of those “first” milestones this past weekend.

My father-in-law was celebrating his birthday and we were preparing for his party. We asked The Girl to decorate a card from her Grandpa. So she sat down at her craft desk, pulled out some stamps and crayons and emerged a few minutes later with a colorfully stamped card, complete with her signature. This marks the first time she has written her name on her own.

Yes, it really does go so fast. Seems like it was just yesterday when she was eating the crayons.

First time The Girl wrote her name

…and they were only asking $2 for it!

Outta site! Look what I picked up at a garage sale down the street today for $2.

Which naturally got me taking a walk down nostalgia toy road. Lite Brite was always a toy I wanted when I was a kid, but never seemed to get come Christmas & birthdays. Here’s another one…Smash Up Derby.

Man, they just don’t write jingles like that anymore. Then there was this sure fire eye remover. Not sure why my folks didn’t get me this when they were okay with me playing with lawn darts.

Yes, I am that old. And i think I’m about to hit eBay to see if I can find me a Big Jim Sports Camper.

300,000 car seats recalled in Canada

We had an Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 car seat. 6 months ago, we noticed the strap was beginning to wear and it wasn’t tightening correctly. So we contacted the manufacturer, who told us to pack the seat up and ship it off to them and they would send us a replacement. 3 days later we had a replacement.

Seems we weren’t the only ones having problems as this weekend Transport Canada issued a recall on three brands of car seats after concluding a defective strap can loosen and endanger children during an accident.

The following makes and models sold between November 2003 and December 2005 are affected:

  • Cosco Alpha Omega: 22C15BNP, 22C15CRK, 22C15ROR, 22C15TUX, 22C26BNG, 22C26GRH
  • Cosco Alpha Omega Elite: 22C51HMR, 22C51TRP, 22155CSPH
  • Eddie Bauer 3 in 1: 22C75AFD, 22C75ARD, 22C75EBN, 22C75MPB, 22C76SHL
  • Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3 in 1: 22C71BGL, 22C71BLD, 22C71MAC, 22756CLRS, 22756CBAL, 22757CMRC, 22757CLKM
  • Safety 1st Enspira: 22C50TWL, 22C50WFD
  • Safety 1st Intera: 22C46BDF, 22C46BDN, 22C46BKY, 22C46GEO

If you have one of these models, you can contact the Dorel Juvenile Group at 800-219-0540 if yo8u have one of these seats and they will replace the strap.