Another milestone reached

We passed another one of those “first” milestones this past weekend.

My father-in-law was celebrating his birthday and we were preparing for his party. We asked The Girl to decorate a card from her Grandpa. So she sat down at her craft desk, pulled out some stamps and crayons and emerged a few minutes later with a colorfully stamped card, complete with her signature. This marks the first time she has written her name on her own.

Yes, it really does go so fast. Seems like it was just yesterday when she was eating the crayons.

First time The Girl wrote her name

2 responses to “Another milestone reached

  1. That’s AMAZING! My 3 year old can read but can’t do anything with crayons (must take after his dad!)

    How did you teach her that?

  2. I dunno. To be honest, it kinda freaked me out a bit when she showed it to me.

    I guess all through her life we have sung her the letters to her name in a bit of a rhythm, so she has known how to say the letters of her name for quite awhile. And when she was born we got a present bag from some friends that had her named spelled out on it. That has hung on her bedroom door since she was a baby, so she has seen the letters that make up her name everyday as she walks into and out of her bedroom.

    We did buy her a stencil and she likes using that to make letters. But putting it all together really blew me away.