Monthly Archives: February 2008


If you’ve seen the movie Juno then you’re probably familiar with the music of Kimya Dawson. She is 1/2 of The Moldy Peaches (along with Adam Green) who contributed a couple of memorable tracks to the CD. We’ll, Kimya is a Mom and has a kids CD coming out soon. I’m not sure if it is called Alphabutt, but this is one of the songs that will be on it. I’m sure The Girl will be all over this like white on rice.

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

A fascinating TED talk from Gever Tulley, who runs a school called the Tinkering School where he let’s second graders play with power tools.

His central thesis is that we are too overprotective and that by allowing kids the freedom to explore will make them safer. So, despite the provocative title, this talk is really about safety.

Granted, he doesn’t have kids, but that doesn’t diminish his points.

A lunch with Mom

Kids are both in daycare today. Mom snuck home for lunch. I walked down the hill from work to join her. It’s the first time in I don’t know how long since the 2 of us have been alone in the house together with no kids.

No kids. Just her and I. Alone in the house. So naturally, we took advantage of the situation. She did the dishes and some telephone banking while I paid some bills, put away a bit of laundry and filed tax receipts. Before we knew it our time had passed and back to work we went.

You were expecting something else?

Sigh…how times have changed. But it was sure nice to carry on a running conversation with my wife in our kitchen without the constant tug at the pantleg or toodler mayhem raging in the background.

“The greatest generation gap since rock & roll”

In case you missed the excellent PBS Frontline documentary Growing Up Online that aired a few weeks back, PBS has put the entire documentary online. If you have kids, especially if you have kids that are spending time online, you should check this documentary out.