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I’m a 45 year old Father of two great kids: an 8 year old girl I call “The Girl” and a 5 year old boy called “The Boy”. The names are changed to protect the innocent – they can choose to reveal themselves when the time is right – probably in 20 years with their therapist when the contents of this blog will be used against me 🙂

Not much more to say. I like coffee in the morning and beer at night, happily married since 2003, like soccer, and work at a university during the day as the Manager of Learning Technologies. If you are a geek or an educator, I have another blog where I talk about that stuff. In a previous life I worked in both commercial and community radio.

I am a sporadic blog writer these days. I wrote a lot more in the early days until my son was born (and before parent blogging became a business). Since having a second kid, the output of this blog has gone down. But I still pop an update on occasionally, usually about kids and media, education, family politics and a bunch of other stuff. Sometimes I’m just silly, but mostly I blog so that when I am an old man and my kids are gone off having their own kids I can remember the good times.

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