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Reminding Pays Off

Even before she could speak (thanks to sign language), we have been drilling the girl on using “please” and “thank you” when she wants something. Many times a day for the past 2+ years we have been reminding her to use those two words, but it seemed that no matter how much reminding we did, she just wouldn’t spontaneously use “please” and “thank you” in context. As soon as we would remind her, she would say please or thank you, but never on her own.

Then out of the blue 2 weeks ago it happened. The Girl asked me for a drink of milk, and ended her sentence with a casual “please”. Fantastic! Then, when she got her milk, it was a nice “thank you”. Lovely! So I made sure to give her a bit of positive feedback – “Hey, you said please and thank you and I didn’t have to remind you. Nice work!” To which she just gave me a grin and shuffled back into her play room.

Since then, the pleases and thank you’s have been flowing much easier from her. Occasionally, she still has to be reminded, but the frequency is less and less.

So for all you parents who (like me) were going batty with the endless repeating and reminders, take this post as a positive and persevere! As for me, I am making sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

Daventure in the news

With Fathers Day this weekend, there is a whack of material out there about Dads and our roles, including this one in the Vancouver daily 24 Hours. The reason I single this one out is that I’m quoted in it and the blog is mentioned, so really consider this a shameless plug 😉

Home at the range.

Incidentally, the blog has been a bit quiet lately. The reason? Like the rest of the world I have caught cup fever. Am I a bad Dad because my daughter can name the Brazil starting 11?

Toy Advice Part II

In my quest for new toys for the girl I’ve stumbled upon something very interesting at our local Y – a toy library – and wondering why the heck I haven’t heard of this thing before.

The concept sounds great. Kick in $35 a year and, just like a regular library you get to sign out new toys for a set amount of time and let your kids take them for a test drive.

We’ll see if the execution is as good as the concept. I have to admit, in my mind I keep having visions of a 20 year old metal pedal car with twisted rusty metal bits jutting out from the bumper or a doll missing one arm. Hopefully, the toys are quality and in good shape. We’ll see on Saturday.

Toy Advice

Hey Dads…I’m looking for some toy recommendations.

The girl is 27 months old and seems to be getting bored of her toys. I’m looking for something to spice things up for her and am looking for suggestions. What toys have worked for you and what would you avoid?

We’re heading into summer, so in addition to some good age appropriate rainy day toys, I am looking for a few more outside toys. Being that I am a bit of a Footie Fool we’ve already got soccer covered (Christine Sinclair beware!) And, being that I am Canadian, we’ve also got some hockey gear, although the roofer’s dog had a bit of a chew on one of the sticks so I’ve got to replace them. I’m thinking one of those little basketball hops, but maybe that is a bit beyond her right now.

Any suggestions?

Corn Starch & Vaseline

Okay, I have no idea why this works only that it does.

The girl has had a bit of an unknown rash on her face. Nothing serious – it looked like a touch of excema around her nose. It had been hanging around for awhile being more of an annoyance than a medical problem. We hummed and hawed about going to the Doctor for such a minor thing.

Then a friend said to take some corn starch, mix it with some vaseline and apply it to the rash. The results were fantastic. Within a day the rash had visibly gotten smaller, and after a couple of days it is almost completely gone. Go figure.

Chalk one up for folk remedies!

Yep, We Were Down

Yes, I’ve been away for a mighty long time – around 2 months. The URL was dead (if you came by and there was nothing here…we’ll you’re probably not reading this cause you’ve probably never come back). Suffice to say, I had a major hardware malfunction on my DIY web server. My DIY DIE’d, and since it also hosted client sites, I needed to get those up and running before I could get back into the Daddy swing of things.

The sad part is, I lost my db with my previous year of posts (backup, backup, backup), so I am starting from scratch again.

Oh yeah, we also sold and bought a new house. So things have been a tad busy. Suffice to say, life is still good, the girl is great and we’re all looking forward to a new residence in 3 weeks – someplace much bigger than the 800 sq ft palace we’re in right now. Something with a dining room where we can play grown up again and have friends over for dinner parties. YAY!

Babywise is nasty

Earlier this evening my wife was reading a post on the Babycenter forums that made us both mad. After reading the nasty Babywise book, seems like this poor Mom couldn’t quite “train” her child to sleep through the night, as Babywise has lead her to believe can be done. So she was letting her child cry until they vomited. Let’s read that again – until they vomitted.

To make the post even worse, one of the replies advocated letting the baby sleep in their own vomit, or else risk having the baby associate vomitting with Mom and Dad rescuing them from sleep.


How could anyone in their right mind think that letting a baby cry until they vomit is a good thing? I don’t blame this Mom. Mind you, when she says in a post later on that she suspects her child was hungry that night because she was so busy cleaning the kitchen she forgot to feed them, I have second thoughts about blame. I mean, what’s more important: feeding your kid dinner or having sparkling cutlery? Instead, I blame Babywise.

If you are a new parent and reading this, take my advice and get rid of this book if it should ever darken your household. But, if you don’t want to take my word about the evils of Babywise, check out, a very good clearinghouse for articles about the author Gary Ezzo and the Babywise method. Or just Google Babywise and read for yourself.