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Monsters – The Sequel

Over at Daddy Daze, Dave has blogged a nice piece in response to my post from a few days ago called Things We Tell The Girl to Keep the Monsters Away. Continue reading

Things We Tell The Girl to Keep Monsters Away

  • That’s why we painted your bedroom pink. Monsters hate pink.
  • Monsters don’t want to eat us. We taste awful.
  • When we bought the new house, we told the Realtor we wanted to live in a no-monster neighbourhood.
  • Monsters won’t come into your bedroom. Monsters are lazy and don’t like climbing stairs.
  • Monsters can’t come down chimneys because the people who make chimneys know how to make them to keep monsters out, but let Santa in.
  • Mom and Dad’s protect their kids from Monsters. That’s one of our jobs.
  • Bad monsters don’t like coming into houses with love in them. Bad monsters don’t like love.
  • Maybe the monsters are lonely? Maybe they want to be your friend?

In addition, we hung some nazar (blue eye) amulets we got when we traveled in Turkey a few years ago. We told he that those were designed to keep away monsters. So far, no monsters, so everything looks like it is working as it should.

Monsters Under Bed

Easter passes and, like at Christmas, I can’t help but wonder how much I am messing with my kids psyche with tales of mysterious beings that can magically appear and disappear inside our house without anyone knowing.

Is it any wonder some kids become afraid of the monsters hiding under the beds or in the closets when we keep telling them that Santa and the Easter Bunny can creep about their house in the middle of the night while they are asleep? I mean, if Santa and the Easter Bunny can come in undetected and leave things, then what’s to stop some nasty thing from coming into the house and taking things?

And don’t even get me started with the Tooth Fairy. It’s bad enough Santa and the Easter Bunny can come into your house without anyone knowing, but to have someone come right into your bedroom, stick their hands under your pillow and get your tooth without you waking up and realizing they were there? Armed with that kind of knowledge is it any wonder that kids don’t want to go to sleep at night?

Why, oh why do we parents subject our kids to this insane torture? It can’t be because our kids laugh with abandon, get giddy with excitement and bubble over with anticipation at the merest hint of the imminent arrival of these beings? It surely couldn’t be the joyful flutter we parents get in our stomach as we faintly hear 6 am footsteps creeping down the stairs, knowing full well that the next few minutes will be filled with nothing but awe struck wonder that there is such a thing as magic in this world. Oh no, it surely couldn’t be that.