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Babywise is nasty

Earlier this evening my wife was reading a post on the Babycenter forums that made us both mad. After reading the nasty Babywise book, seems like this poor Mom couldn’t quite “train” her child to sleep through the night, as Babywise has lead her to believe can be done. So she was letting her child cry until they vomited. Let’s read that again – until they vomitted.

To make the post even worse, one of the replies advocated letting the baby sleep in their own vomit, or else risk having the baby associate vomitting with Mom and Dad rescuing them from sleep.


How could anyone in their right mind think that letting a baby cry until they vomit is a good thing? I don’t blame this Mom. Mind you, when she says in a post later on that she suspects her child was hungry that night because she was so busy cleaning the kitchen she forgot to feed them, I have second thoughts about blame. I mean, what’s more important: feeding your kid dinner or having sparkling cutlery? Instead, I blame Babywise.

If you are a new parent and reading this, take my advice and get rid of this book if it should ever darken your household. But, if you don’t want to take my word about the evils of Babywise, check out Ezzo.info, a very good clearinghouse for articles about the author Gary Ezzo and the Babywise method. Or just Google Babywise and read for yourself.