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300,000 car seats recalled in Canada

We had an Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 car seat. 6 months ago, we noticed the strap was beginning to wear and it wasn’t tightening correctly. So we contacted the manufacturer, who told us to pack the seat up and ship it off to them and they would send us a replacement. 3 days later we had a replacement.

Seems we weren’t the only ones having problems as this weekend Transport Canada issued a recall on three brands of car seats after concluding a defective strap can loosen and endanger children during an accident.

The following makes and models sold between November 2003 and December 2005 are affected:

  • Cosco Alpha Omega: 22C15BNP, 22C15CRK, 22C15ROR, 22C15TUX, 22C26BNG, 22C26GRH
  • Cosco Alpha Omega Elite: 22C51HMR, 22C51TRP, 22155CSPH
  • Eddie Bauer 3 in 1: 22C75AFD, 22C75ARD, 22C75EBN, 22C75MPB, 22C76SHL
  • Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3 in 1: 22C71BGL, 22C71BLD, 22C71MAC, 22756CLRS, 22756CBAL, 22757CMRC, 22757CLKM
  • Safety 1st Enspira: 22C50TWL, 22C50WFD
  • Safety 1st Intera: 22C46BDF, 22C46BDN, 22C46BKY, 22C46GEO

If you have one of these models, you can contact the Dorel Juvenile Group at 800-219-0540 if yo8u have one of these seats and they will replace the strap.

List of toys recalled by Mattel

As you may have now heard, there is a massive recall of children’s toys happening in Canada. The culprit is unsafe levels of lead used in the paint by Chinese manufacturers who created the toys. Popular kids characters Elmo and Dora are 2 lines affected by the recall.

The National Post has printed a complete list of all toys recalled in Canada.

Mattel has also added a recalled toy finder to their website, although it is the US corporate site. Not sure if all the model numbers match up for Canada.

First Thomas, then Veggie Booty. Now Dora and Elmo. 2007 is the summer of kids recalls.

It’s never a good thing when you see your neighbour’s house on the news

Yesterday my wife called me at work to say that there was a television crew at our neighbour’s house. Last night we watched the news and the lead story involves our neighbours. And it’s a troubling story.

According to the news, a police officer who lives in our neighbourhood took it upon himself to photocopy photos of a man and distribute them to our neighbours, warning them that he lives nearby. The man has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. The man is our next door neighbour.

I’m trying to keep this thing in perspective. I see myself as being a fair person and want to be fair in my assessment of this situation. I don’t know the man personally other than to see him come and go from the house. He hasn’t even been charged with a crime, just accused and I like to think that we live in a society where you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and not in the court of public opinion or sensational media coverage. And when you dig into the details of the sexually assaulting a minor charge, you find out that our 20 year old neighbour is accused of sexually assaulting a 17 year old boy. Again, trying to keep this in perspective, who knows what other social dynamics have gone on between the two? It’s conceivable that they might be a couple and this whole thing could be a relationship gone south. 20 to 17 is not a huge gap in terms of age and they could be part of the same peer group. The gap is even smaller if you consider that he just turned 20 and the 17 year old is a few months away from being 18. I’m not saying that is the case – the math could work the other way, but these are factors a court should be deciding IF this guy is even charged with assault and things I am trying to keep in mind as I weigh how I feel about this.

Personally, I think the police officer overstepped his bounds. And apparently so does our local police force who are conducting an investigation into how the photo got leaked and distributed. But still, it has been quite a disconcerting evening and morning at our house as I grapple with some big issue things – the safety of my family, the rights of a (still innocent) accused man and how I balance the two.