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We interupt this blog for a juice break

Looks like my plea for more free swag to review paid off!

Dan at TrueBlue Blueberry Juice fired off some free samples to us. We got it, chilled it up and slurped it back in a couple of days. Verdict from all of us? Super yummy.

One of the blend varieties Dan sent us was a Blueberry/Blackberry blend that was a real hit. We’re Blackberry pickers, and spend a few days each August picking and freezing the berries. My wife’s hoarding tendencies actually turn her into a bit of a crack the whip berry bitch each August, but I digress. Getting the blackberry blend was a nice bonus.

My wife is kicking around a summer cocktail idea with it…vodka, crushed ice and the blackberry/blueberry juice. She calls it a Black n’ Blue. There are a few recipes on their website that look quite tasty, including this Blueberry Savoury Vinaigrette that would be great on a summer salad.

The only downside is that the juice has added sugar – cane sugar, mind you, but still added sugar. We’ve been very careful about giving sugar fruit juices to the girl. At 3, she has enough manic energy without having to give an extra dose of sugar in her drinks. But we cut her juice with water, so that helps.

If you want to try it, you can download a $1 off coupon from their website.

Now, I’m just hoping someone from DIRECTV reads this, realizes I can give them a free plug to 12 readers and decides to send me a demo of this so I can watch these guys while sitting on the beach. With a Black n’ Blue in my hand, natch.